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The Next Evolution of Modern Hypnosis Starts Now
From: Jason Linett
Where: Orlando, Florida

What does it mean to "Do Hypnosis Anywhere?"

I'll tell you, but first - let me tell you a story.

(Once upon a time...)

I started learning hypnosis as early as 2001. 

I soon got fed up with my "real job." I quit my old career, and hypnosis has been the ONLY WORK I'VE DONE for more than a dozen years.

Why? I can answer in one word: FREEDOM.

I can design my life? That's freedom.

And also...

The client releases their fear? That's freedom.
The client changes their habit? That's freedom.
The client rewrites their story? That's freedom.

The work we do has massive impact. We now have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to help people around the world with online hypnosis sessions. 

Please Check All of the Statements Where Your Answer is YES!

"I want to be able to positively offer hypnosis in a way that helps my client get a positive result even faster."
"I don't want to FEEL STUCK in a session not knowing how to customize the hypnotic process... even if I'm not in the same room!"
"I don't want to spend thousands of dollars a year on a physical office when they're billions of people I could work with online!"
"I want to help elevate the hypnotic profession so people choose hypnosis NOT as a "last resort," but instead as a first intervention."
"I want to live a life of DIGITAL FREEDOM and have the option to change peoples' lives... even if I'm traveling or wearing pajama pants!"
"Jason Linett is an outstanding hypnotist and trainer. From the beginning of the process to the end, he is true to his word and always goes above and beyond to provide value. I wanted to expand my clinical practice to encompass clinical hypnosis. Jason is fun to work with and makes the learning process easy, informative, and exciting. I have never been so excited and passionate about my career, and I look forward to soon transitioning from psychotherapy to doing hypnosis and coaching full time."
Mateja Petje, LMFT
"I've managed to build a hypnosis office that's nearly fully-booked, even with a mandatory shutdown thrown into the schedule! His positive, ethical influence techniques have definitely changed the way I approach potential clients for the better. My entire office process from first contact to client sessions to follow-up is organized and efficient, and I'm getting my message out to more people than I would have on my own. Jason's programs have definitely shown me the way to make my new venture a success!"
Cory Osborn
If You Checked ANY of the Boxes Above, Then I Want to Invite You to
Join the "DO HYPNOSIS ANYWHERE!" Challenge and
Activate MASSIVE CONFIDENCE Helping People Online!

So, Here is How
This Challenge Will Work For You...

The event is only $27 to join. 
Please keep reading this page, because in addition to the five days of training, you're going to receive some incredible benefits such as a private library so that you can review the specific strategies as many times as you'd like so that you can continuously improve your technique.

There's also going to be a PRIVATE "ASK ME ANYTHING" EVENT where I'll take you behind the scenes and answer your questions to solidify your knowledge.
I'm also going to spend my personal money to have the event PROFESSIONALLY TRANSCRIBED so you can start using these strategies EVEN FASTER because as hypnotists we know that EVERY WORD MATTERS.

The reality is that JUST ONE CLIENT SESSION and JUST ONE LIFE CHANGED through hypnosis has a value far beyond your $27 investment.
Lifetime, On-Demand Access Now!
The live event has passed - and that means you can get access to EVERYTHING, IMMEDIATELY right now!
With the DO HYPNOSIS ANYWHERE! Challenge, I could have easily charged as much as $2000 for the value you're going to receive, but...

All You Pay is $27!

Then, in Exchange For That Tiny $27 Investment,
You Get All of This:

• 5 Days of LIVE Hypnotic Coaching / Missions with Jason Linett 
• The MAGIC WORDS Cheat Sheet to Sell Online Sessions
• Get the IF/THEN Hypnotic Blueprint for Modifying Hypnosis Techniques
• Professional Transcriptions of the FULL event
BONUS Q&A Session to Help You "Win Faster" with Online Sessions
• My Quick Start Shopping Guide for the Best Tech at the Lowest Price
• A Lifetime Access Archive of the Complete event!
• 5 Days of LIVE Hypnotic Coaching / Missions with Jason Linett ($997 Value)
• The MAGIC WORDS Cheat Sheet to Sell Online Sessions ($97 Value)
• Get the "IF/THEN Hypnotic Blueprint" for Modifying Hypnosis Techniques ($97 Value)
• Professional Transcriptions of the FULL event ($300 Value)
• BONUS Q&A Session to Help You "Win Faster" with Online Sessions ($297 Value)
• My "Quick Start" Shopping Guide for the Best Tech at the Lowest Price ($97 Value)
• A "Lifetime Access" Archive of the Complete event! ($297 Value)
($997 Value)
($97 Value)
($97 Value)
($300 Value)
($297 Value)
($97 Value)
($297 Value)
Total Value: $2182
If you want to step into MASSIVE CONFIDENCE doing hypnosis online, enjoy the freedom of doing HYPNOSIS FROM ANYWHERE, and you're ready to take the GUESSWORK out of making it work through a webcam, then...
For real... you get EVERYTHING for just $27.
For real...
You get EVERYTHING for just $27.
"Jason's taught me several ways to create and bring more value to my clients. His value-focused methods and hypnotic language patterns simplified this entire process. I recommend the investment in working with Jason because he will teach you how to drive additional value to your clients, from the moment someone hears about your services, until they are happily giving you referrals."
Vincent Brigance
"I not only learned the most effective hypnosis techniques, but I quickly became very confident in my ability to hypnotize anyone. The real world applications that Jason teaches his students are priceless. I left each class feeling more confident and at ease with the skills I was learning. I have put to use all that I learned from Jason Linett with great success."
Karen Gray
We now continue "The Jason Linett Story," already in progress...
2001 to 2007:
Hypnosis was mostly a "curiosity" and a "hobby." My career began offering stage hypnosis programs designed to help schools and organizations deliver a positive message in an entertaining way.
Yes, and my hair was much thicker back then, too...
2008 to 2012:
I was "bit" by the hypnotherapy bug. I became more interested in the professional work of helping people create transformational change in private sessions. I quit my job, moved to an area I had never lived in before, and opened up the first "Virginia Hypnosis" office.
Front page coverage! And they spelled my name right!
I moved out of my first office in Virginia. The next step? I no longer had a hypnosis "office." No. Instead, I had a HYPNOSIS TRAINING CENTER with a staff of other practitioners in a new professional location.
The new space had multiple practitioner rooms and a full classroom.
PREVIEW: Even with all that space, I was already seeing clients online...
The Work Smart Hypnosis Podcast launched. Since then, it has been downloaded more than two-million-times worldwide, and in more than eighty countries
While this program was designed to be a voice for the "professional hypnotist," it was soon discovered by the general public. The result? People around the world started booking sessions with me online.
2017 to 2018:
I'm averaging 20-30 private client sessions a week. My training events are filling up thanks to the visibility of the podcast. In one year, I'm given the "Hypnotist of the Year" award and invited to give the keynote at HypnoThoughts LIVE! - the largest conference in the industry...
Business is growing and growing and growing and...
Given the continued growth of Virginia Hypnosis, I stopped RENTING an office. Instead, I made a $300,000 investment to BUY a physical location.
Even more practitioner rooms, a bigger classroom, plus a $30,000 renovation to create a state-of-the-art learning experience. Behind the scenes, I'm already doing the majority of my sessions online given the convenience for the clients... even the ones who are local!

Every. Thing. STOPPED.

The world was swept into a global pandemic.
Countries go into lockdowns...
The global economy crashes...
There's no end to this in sight, and....

Hypnotists panic because in-person services are no longer an option.
We were ready.

Zero clients cancelled.

Zero students refunded their tuition.

Because we knew how to explain the value of online hypnosis and deliver on our promises...

And then...
As everything was running strong, and I was helping more people than ever before...


I closed the business.
I rented the office to a group of counselors. 
We sold our home.

And we decided to "live on vacation" by moving to Orlando, Florida.
The move created an opportunity to change everything...
100% of the work I do is online.

I see my clients online.
I teach my classes online.
I run support communities online.

And the reason I created the DO HYPNOSIS ANYWHERE! Challenge?


I now live a life of digital freedom, and I "cracked the code" of communicating the value of online hypnosis to my clients -- and how to make the techniques work even from thousands of miles away.
I'm wearing pants in this photo. Promise.
This isn't about my story.
"Jason has a mind like a laser. His workshops helped me pinpoint areas of my business that were ready for growth. He gave me the theory and tools so I could put things in motion without having to invent all the wheels. He breaks strategies down (without dumbing them down) into clean, elegant components. I especially appreciate Jason’s approach in the way he implements language patterns that are wonderfully persuasive, while also aligning with my ethics and values. Jason connects with respect, creativity, and intelligence, and he’s made it very easy for me."
Tracy Barrett Adams
"After watching this guy go non-stop year after year after year, I realized, I want to know what he knows. He has put together an enormous warehouse of resources on everything related to hypnosis, and his teaching style is exemplary. I have been able to find answers to all my questions, and some questions I didn’t know I had, by exploring this vast warehouse of resources. After studying what Jason teaches, I learned a lot about what I’m doing right, and about how to improve what I want to do better. My confidence is much higher now!"
Debbie Taylor
I found what works so you don't have to.
I made the mistakes so you don't have to.
I solved the problems so you don't have to.

Video Instruction On-Demand
Specific Actionable Tasks.
Lifetime Replay Access.
The Momentum to Make it Happen.
Fully Transcribed.
Only $27.

I'm Going to Reveal to You...

"How to Modify the Hypnotherapy Process to be Effective...
Even Through Webcams!"

  • Easy adjustments to create massive flexibility.
  • The four questions to take the guesswork out of your change process.
  • The secret to feeling confident adjusting the process in real time.

"What Techniques to Use in Online Sessions?"

  • The exact swipe file list of the methods I use my professional sessions.
  • The covert interaction strategy that instantly makes you more effective.
  • My powerful framework to never have to "guess" what to do.

"How to have your clients EXCITED to book online sessions...
even if they REQUESTED in-person!"

  • The "Work Smart Online Formula" that upgrades their beliefs.
  • Belief-Shifting Secrets that amplify change... even before they close their eyes!
  • How to embed covert change for more consistent positive outcomes.

"The secret to BUILD PRESTIGE to book online clients."

  • My 1-2-3 Invitation Formula to build rapport and desire to connect.
  • How to create comfort online without the "energy" of a live meeting.
  • Expert Positioning Secrets... even if you're a brand new hypnotist!

"Your No-Cost, Low-Tech System for Consistent Positive Results."

  • How to focus on creating hypnotic change... not doing tech support!
  • My exact client instructions so everyone is comfortable with the process.
  • The exact words that prevent distractions, dropped-call issues, abreactions, and every other reason why everyone else is trying to tell you online sessions aren't as good as in-person!

And even more as I promise to OVER-DELIVER.

Binge-Watch the Full Event Today!
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
Lifetime access in an easy-to-learn from online library.

Your Questions Answered...

What if I'm new to hypnosis?

Awesome, and welcome! This five-day challenge event is designed to help you to take action immediately to start your journey. You will be surprised how you'll end up further along in just a short window of time -- rather than starting with the outdated methods that plague most courses!

I'm already seeing hypnosis online. Will this help me?

The more experienced you are, the more you understand that "small hinges swing big doors." The smallest of adjustments that I've done the work to figure out for you will transform into significant shifts to streamline and fast-track your success.

What if I still want to do in-person sessions?

I will comfortably tell you that 90% of what I'm going to share with you has an adaptation that also will benefit your in-person sessions. I'm not here to tell you have to do 100% online or 100% in-person. Let's open up more options for you to be successful and help more people.

Is hypnosis dangerous?

The only danger of hypnosis online is NOT knowing how to condition for a positive experience. That's 100% the focus of this event.

$27 sounds pretty cheap. Is this event going to suck?

I love this question. The reality is that I've given away more FREE content on the web than most people in the hypnosis industry will ever sell. There are literally thousands of hours of my podcasts available on the internet for anyone to find. It takes a "production team" to put on real-time events like this, we cannot do this for free. However, we've done everything we can to make it affordable to EVERYONE. 

My personal goal is to give you 100x the value.

Is There a Guarantee?

Of course. 

Who takes care of you?

I guarantee that if you participate in the challenge, show up to the daily live calls, implement what you learn -- by the time the challenge is done, you will have achieved a new level of confidence in how to help your clients create hypnotic change online.
If you have show up every day and can show me you've taken action on the methods and it truly doesn't show you a measurable change - reply to any of the emails you'll have received from me, and I'll give you 100% of your money back.

Simple. You've got nothing to lose.

Instead, you will gain the ability confidently help people on a global scale.

Here's What to Do Next:

From here it's just finalizing the details. Click on the button below and create your account, then we can finally get started!    

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter, watch the videos, and start taking action toward CONFIDENT online hypnosis sessions.

I look forward to hearing your success story at the end of the challenge!

Jason Linett

P.S. In case you're one of those people (like me) who just skip to the end...


For just $27, I'm going to reveal you to the strategies and secrets that it took me 20+ years to figure out. If I had the confidence when I began to work with clients doing hypnosis online, I would have grown an even bigger business by now, and helped even more people.

I'm going to give you specific actions to take to create MOMENTUM in your life. 

You didn't miss out! While the event has already occurred, that means you can watch everything right away without having to wait for the one-hour lessons several days in row. You're going to get THE WHOLE THING immediately.

EVERYONE gets the full event archived in a lifetime-access library.

You're going to get a Bonus Q&A Session so we're certain you have clarity on the next step of your hypnotic journey.

My job is to make building your confidence and comfort in online hypnosis even easier. I'm going to give you specific resources and frameworks (not scripts!) to know exactly what to say and when to say it.

Every word of the live events will be professional transcribed. You are welcome to take your own notes... though my team will be doing it for you!

PLUS, you can find the details on this page on how there's a 100% money back guarantee.

And seriously.

It's just $27. 

I could have charged much more.

Let me correct that - I HAVE charged much more! 

Yet there's such a huge need for these DO HYPNOSIS ANYWHERE secrets.

And that's why I've made it so easy for you to join us.

Sound fair? Then what are you waiting for!?! Join the DO HYPNOSIS ANYWHERE challenge today!
"Jason’s work & methods have greatly influenced my own work as far as approach and understanding for hypnotic language patterns, being “script-less” & fluent, powerful yet compassionate, calibrating external trance indicators while still remaining “in the zone” with my clients. I can’t recommend his work enough. It’s thanks to people like Jason that our humble profession will remain alive."
Angel Blanco
"Jason is the real deal. His relentless consistency in over-delivering value has allowed my to create systems in my business that let me preserve my precious energy while serving more people. Thank you for teaching clear formulas and language patterns that let me know how to talk about my business in a way that makes people line up to book with me and purchase my digital products. You always exceed my high expectations."
Lori Hammond
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